How to Turn Existing Blogs into New Web Content

Oustanding web content is time-consuming and resource-heavy.

In many ways, your blog posts are as much an asset as the products and services of your business. They’re on that same value level as, say, a business card, brochure, or social media account. So, it only makes sense that you’d want to maximize its value.

Repurposing web content is the big brain move of smart marketers.


Where do you begin with content remixing? What can you make from existing efforts? Those questions, and oh-so-much more, get answered in this high-impact guide. Let’s dig in!

Transforming Blog Posts into Video

Your brain loves video content. So much so that it’s overtaking all other forms of content we consume online.

One of the toughest barriers to creating video content is often either:

  • We’re afraid of being on camera
  • We lack the tools for video production

There’s a simplified solution and it starts by converting blog posts into videos. This gets accomplished with ease because the script is already there… it just needs a few tweaks. By transforming a blog post into a video script you’re halfway to completion!

What’s a typical process for blog posts -> video? Consider:

  1. Condensing the main points of a post into a rough draft
  2. Assigning sections (sub-headings and sub-topics)
  3. Retooling the flow and presentation by filling the gaps
  4. Finalizing the script and giving it a final QC pass
  5. Sending it to production (in-house or outsourced)

Don’t mind being on video? You can create great videos with your smartphone! Rather have someone else be on camera? Consider hiring video talent through a freelance marketplace. Want a professional touch? Outsource it to marketing pros (like us!).

The flexibility of video is tremendous – you could post it to:

  • Social media feeds
  • Embedded within its own blog post
  • Used as part of a landing page
  • Included in an email marketing newsletter
  • Leveraged as a branding asset
  • Distributed as a lead magnet/freebie

You could, in essence, then take that video and turn it into several other forms of content. This brings us to…

Transforming Video Blogs into Media Assets

Starting with video is the best thing you can do for repurposing web content.


Well, because you have all the components of content. From visual elements and sound to words (transcribed) and more, you’ve got options with how the video splits into various media assets.

Here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

  • Stripping the video’s audio, packaging it, and publishing the work as a podcast
  • Pulling still shots from the video and turning them into great images or GIFs
  • Transcribing the video, reformatting the presentation, and turning it into a blog post or ebook

The hard work is already done. All you need to do is put extra effort into maximizing a video’s value.

It doesn’t have to be only your content either.

User-generated video content is a whole other opportunity to explore. With it, you could turn items like testimonials and reviews into different media assets, too. These make for great elements on client stories, case studies, and sales pages.

Transforming Podcasts into Written Pieces

Podcasting has the potential to become a $41.8 billion dollar industry by 2026. This alone should tip you off into whether you should use it for business. Another reason is that it’s fun and offers a unique web content format for your brand!

The neat thing about podcasting is that you (essentially) have a blog post ready upon publication:

  1. Edit and publish your podcast
  2. Submit the podcast to transcription services
  3. Structure and format the transcribed podcast into a blog post

You now have a great addition to publish alongside the podcast.

Reworking podcasts into this format will do wonders for engagement. It’s also amazing at boosting the SEO value of the page you’ve created for the podcast episode. You’ll also deliver web content for those who may not want the topic in audio form. And, you get to deliver great web content to those that may be hard of hearing (further expanding your reach).

As already mentioned:

There are numerous ways to then turn written pieces into other content formats, too. Follow the blog post -> video as one avenue for repurposing the transcribed podcast + audio elements. Or, take those snippets and use them for social shares (see below).

Transforming Content Snippets into Social Shares

Many brands dive head-first into social media and find a degree of success…

…at least for a while.

What tends to disrupt a brand’s social media involvement is running out of stuff to share. This is painfully true for new brands that have yet to actualize their content strategy. It can apply to older brands, too, that lack quality, shareable content.

Going off what you’ve learned already it’s apparent where this is going:

  • Create a variety of content types (from a source piece) you can share across social channels
  • Cut, remix, and retool different pieces of content into bite-sized versions for different audiences

That video? It could become dozens of sound bites, images, GIFs, short videos, and the like. That blog post? Why not rework it into quote graphics or infographics? Sounds? What about a short-form daily update or micro podcast?

There are ways to scale your efforts, too.

Outlining a “content remix” process breaks down all the different ways to repurpose web content. You can then hand this off to someone in-house or have it done by a third party. With each created and primed, your content schedule is now packed with great assets that your community is sure to love.

Amplify Your Web Content Creation Today

An online brand lives and dies by the quality of its web content.

New, high-impact web content should reach a brand’s audience every day. Yet, there’s a middle-ground to all of this. A brand can’t spend ALL of its time developing content. There’s still all that other stuff with business operations.

Repurposing web content offers one incredible avenue of maximizing efforts.

Collaborating with Gosling Media is another.

Turn to our creative services to fill web content gaps in your digital campaigns. Let our experts develop incredible brand experiences for your audience. Get in touch and let’s work together in dominating your market!

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