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Growing companies need marketing solutions that can keep pace with demand and generate real results. Building out in-house teams is expensive and takes a long time, while agencies and contractors don’t always understand your business and have conflicting incentives. Gosling Media has been working with MSouth portfolio company, BIG Language Solutions to improve their branding, marketing, websites, and lead generation efforts. 

Marketing doesn’t have to be a cost center for your business. We have a proven track record and process for generating revenue efficiently and effectively in a short amount of time.

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Please see some of the work we have done for BIG Language Solutions below.

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Pete Gosling
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BIG Language retained Gosling Media to support its fast-growing organization across its multiple brands.

2021 highlights:

  • Established a new business lead generation process resulting multi-million dollar sales piepline.
  • Created over 50, 800+ word, SEO optimized blog posts written and distributed covering sophisticated industry topics.
  • Created 10, in-depth 2,000+ word eBooks with associated supporting materials and campaigns.
  • Created 5 animated explainer videos.
  • Launched a new product and brand for LanguageVault, including all design and marketing execution of campaigns for PR, social, email, and paid channels.
  • Successfully incorporated 3 new brand acquisitions, updating all brand assets to match the BIG master brand, while maintaining their individual focus.
  • Double-digit YoY engaged traffic growth across all websites.
  • Industry specific lead-generation campaigns across all 12 main verticals.
  • 150%+ increase in Social Media engagement across all platforms.
  • 20,000+ unique visitors across all sites from Paid Search campaigns.
  • Migrated all 6 individual business unit websites onto an efficient to manage, scalable framework to support easy management and future acquisitions.
  • Worked closely with individual sales reps, to create copy and templates they can use to send to their prospects.
  • Established industry best-practices for conversion tracking and email automation.
  • Outlined a roadmap for marketing to continue growing it’s impact.

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